Our Brand History


Power Max is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament, and tendon relief and support. It is aiming to promote the concept of sports protection. It could be adopted in every sport, and could be used by not just professional athletes, every day athletes, but also people who exercise regularly. Power Max wants people to move more, and to move better.

Power Max tapes core technology using by over 60 years manufactured experience which came from Avatack co.,Ltd., the biggest tapes company in Taiwan. In 2014, We successful developed sports tape for Asia skin and athletic needs by Dr. level RD team. It has started to develop the business in foreign markets more actively in 2015, now products are available in Europe, Mid-East and Asia region.  With new innovations and an expanding product collection, Power Max continues to strengths its presence in Taiwan and globally. Our key mission is spread the concept of sports protection.